IndyACT provides services to strengthen civil society and multi-stakeholder cooperation in order to achieve a vibrant and effective change-making society. It provides consultancy services and partnerships to various institutions; including governments, intergovernmental agencies, private sector, and others; on the below topics.

Youth leadership

IndyACT was established by a group of youth in Lebanon, and it believes that empowering youth leadership is necessary to address the problems we face today. The organization has been empowering youth across the MENA region through various projects, such as the IndyYOUTH initiative and the Eco-Warriors program. IndyACT has also established the Arab Youth Climate Movement, which has led to the emergence of youth climate leaders from across the region. We continue to support youth groups and organizations in Lebanon and the region through various projects. The capacity building and mentorship that IndyACT provides to youth include: thematic issues relevant to its programs, technical skills (project development and implementation, advocacy, communication, etc.), personal development skills, and general leadership skills.

NGO Incubator

IndyACT’s full name is the “League of Independent Activists”, and a key part of its mandate is to incubate passionate change-makers and provide them with the professionalism needed to achieve their aim. That is why IndyACT’s motto is “Passion with Professionalism”. We continuously seek passionate individuals or groups that are working to create positive change in a certain field, and require support to maximize their impact. IndyACT’s incubation services include: fiscal sponsorship, office space, fundraising, financial & administrative support, exposure, networking, capacity building, among others. Since its establishment, IndyACT has incubated a number of groups that have become independent organizations, such as the feminist collective “Nassawiya” and the Anti-Racism Movement (ARM). IndyACT has also incubated a number of passionate individuals that have become leaders in the issues they are working on.

Engaging stakeholders

We believe that solutions and progress can only come through collaboration of diverse stakeholders at various levels. \IndyACT has developed strong knowledge and skills in bringing diverse individuals from different sectors, culture, and interests to successfully collaborate together. The organization has developed a set of tools for stakeholder collaboration, allowing it to provide various related services, including network development, local community engagement, consortium coordination, consensus building, among others.<br> IndyACT has established and managed a number of national and regional networks, such as the Zero Waste Alliance and the Arab Youth Climate Movement. It also coordinated the development of consensus policy positions for international networks, such as the Climate Action Network International.

Strengthening civil society

IndyACT primary purpose is to achieve a vibrant and effective civil society that is able to create the change required in this world. IndyACT has been providing various services to civil society including trainings, mentoring, coaching, and direct intervention on various issues related to the governance and management of NGOs; such as strategic planning, financial management, HR management, transparent and effective governance, restructuring, program development, etc. IndyACT team includes experts who worked in and led the development of national and international organizations with a cumulative experience of more than 60 years in NGO management and governance. The team has also worked on countless management and governance consultancies for national, regional, and international NGOs and networks.

Advocacy and communication

IndyACT has conducted a number of successful national and international advocacy campaigns. This includes passing Lebanon’s first tobacco control law and influencing the policy position of Arab countries in the international climate negotiations. Therefore, IndyACT’s training in advocacy and strategic communication is not only theoretical, but is also based on hands-on experience in effective advocacy campaigns. <br> IndyACT’s team includes senior advocacy and strategic communication experts that have developed and implemented a number of international and national campaigns. This includes successfully leading the coordination of the global civil society and non-state actors’ advocacy campaign towards the Paris Climate Agreement. The team is highly knowledgeable with the state-of-the-art advocacy and strategic communication methodology.