Arab Climate Campaign
learn about the biggest threat facing our planet, and what we are doing about it in the Arab World

Save our Seas Campaign
Because of human activities all fish and seafood species are projected to collapse around the world by 2048. IndyAct has a different plan

Zero Waste Campaign
Waste is a human invention. Nature makes no waste. Can we achieve the same efficiency as nature or are we going to remain the most destructive species on the planet?

IndyWomen began as a series of conversations among young Lebanese women and developed over many months into a full activist campaign

IndyAct provides opportunities for artists, musicians and writers to create new work and share it with their audiences. IndyACT is currently proud to be cooperating with Lens on Lebanon as cultural partner.

Activism Projects
IndyAct not only supports existing independent activist, but also strives to increase the number of activists and the quality of their work. Learn about our projects to achieve that.
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