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It all started during the July 2006 war on Lebanon, when a group of veteran and skilled activists from different countries came together to work on the worst environmental disaster in the history of the Eastern Mediterranean. More than 10,000 tons of fuel oil spilled into the sea due to the Israeli bombing of the Jiyeh power plant South of Lebanon.

This group of independent activists, named the "Oil Spill Working Group", became the main source of information on the issue for the media, NGOs and other stakeholders (www.oilspilllebanon.org). Soon after, the group started representing local Not-for-Profit organizations, which lead into cumbersome bureaucratic procedures and limitations that greatly hindered the group's work.

After the oil spill crisis was under control, the "Oil Spill Working Group" realized that in Lebanon and around the world there are a huge number of passionate independent activists that have been trying to make a difference, but are unable to operate independently. Either they had to form a new organization or work under an existing organization-an undesirable option for the hands-on, passionate activist due to the bureaucratic hurdles. While establishing a new organization requires a lot of time and effort, working under existing organizations could actually constrain the potential of certain individuals.

Up till now, there is no organization or structure that allows activists to operate to their full potential. And so IndyAct - 'the League of Independent Activists'-was created, a global league of independent environmental, social and cultural activists that support that seek to nurture others in order to achieve their goals. 

IndyAct has already established local, regional and international campaigns that are based on non-violent and innovative ideas to inspire the required change. The organizations that IndyAct cooperates and partners with include highly respectable international networks and organizations. The first reality environmental TV show hit Lebanon in March 2007, an educational initiative of IndyAct which has allowed us to show Lebanese how 'cool' supporting environmental, cultural and social initiatives can be.


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