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In order to insure that our League Members have the required space to lead their campaigns and achieve their potential, IndyAct has reduced red tape to absolute minimum. To achieve this without affecting the quality of work, IndyAct gives primary importance to the recruitment process. Potential League Members go through an extensive review process before being selected. This process can take up to one month per candidate.

Nevertheless, when the independent activists become League Member they get all the support they require to lead their campaigns effectively with minimal red tape. This support can range from providing office space, funding, training, strategic planning, campaign communication, legal support, researchers and exerpts, networking and contacts, campaign equipment, volunteer team, etc.

League Members can also benefit from connecting with each other. They can either share experience, cooperate on certain project, or join forces on similar campaigns.

League member Recruitment Process:

  • Any individual who wishes to join the League should have the following minimum requirements:
    • At least 5 years of activism
    • At least 21 years old
    • Should not be active in a political party
    • Should be able to prove that he/she will continue to be an independent activist for the foreseeable future
    • Should agree on IndyAct core values as a way of life

  • Individuals with the above minimum requirements who wish to join the League should submit a formal request to IndyAct (, which should include:
    • Letter of motivation/purpose
    • Resume
    • At least two references that the applicant feels they understand him/her well
    • Description of the campaign(s) or project(s) he/she intends to work on
    • Should be able to insure the sustainability of the project they will be working on in IndyAct

The board should review the membership request, which can include interviews with the applicant, his/her references, and any other person the board deems necessary. The review process could include visits to see the applicants in their own environment.
Each applicant has to have a unanimous approval from the board to become a member of the League of Independent Activists.

Membership to the League is for life. The only reason a member is expelled out of the League is when he/she break IndyAct core-values, which are:
  • Taking action
  • Independence
  • Non-violence
  • Professionalism
  • Universality
  • Political neutrality
  • Sustainable Equity
  • Diversity
  • Innovation
  • Non-discrimination

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