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The IndyAct family is made up of different groups, each with a crucial role and function. The team is comprised of a league of members, a governing board, an advisory council, management staff and volunteers.

The league members are the campaign leaders of IndyAct. They are the independent environmental, social and cultural activists that IndyAct supports. The League of Members have the passion and skills to dedicate their lives to activism with the aim to make this world a better place. Every year the League of Members meet to set up IndyAct long- and short-term campaign strategies.

Every two years, the League Members meet to elect an IndyAct Governing Board from the existing members. The board's mission is to make sure that the organization is on the right track to achieve its vision and mission statement, and that it is adhered to its core values. The Board is also responsible for approving IndyAct long-term plans and that the organization implements them.

IndyAct has an Advisory Council, which consist of prominent and outstanding individuals in society. Council members have skills, qualifications and resources crucial for the success of IndyAct campaigns and objectives. The council includes professional managers, prominent lawyers, veteran strategist, senior campaigners and others that support IndyAct in many different ways.

The Management staff is responsible for implementing the board's long- and short-term plans, and assisting the league members in achieving their campaign goals and objectives. IndyAct staff works on high professional standards, and includes paid staff and interns.

Volunteers play a crucial role in the organization, and participate in all levels of work according to their skills. In the end, our governing board and advisory council are volunteers as well. IndyAct volunteers are also the main actors in campaign projects and activities. They are the face of IndyAct, and the main source of independent activists. 

All these groups work together day after day as one family to achieve IndyAct's vision of an active, safe, healthy, equitable and beautiful planet.

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