Midway Through the Climate Talks and Progress is Slow

Midway Through the Climate Talks and Progress is Slow
Beirut – 10 December 2009: The league of Independent Activists – IndyACT organized today symbolic actions in Lebanon and the Arab World entitled “The World Needs a Real Deal”, simultaneously with international actions calling clearly upon world leaders that the world needs a Real, Ambitious, and Binding deal on climate change. 
Amidst the largest and most important negotiations in the history of humanity, millions of people from around the world decided to stand united with nations and peoples, especially small islands and least developed countries, who will cease to exist if action against climate change is delayed. “Signature” walls were constructed in major political capitals for the people to write their messages to world leaders, stressing that the world needs a real and binding agreement on climate change. Candle-light vigils have also been held to support this messaging.
In Beirut, the League of Independent Activists, along with the Green Party of Lebanon and Association for Forests, Development and Conversation, constructed a wall in “Place De L’Etiole”. Lebanese Minister of Environment Mohammad Rahhal, Parliament Members Akram Chehayeb, Nadim El Jmaiel, Ghassab Mkhaiber,Mohammad Kabbani,Mr. Adib Hashem representing the minister of interior Ziad Baroud and star Ragheb Alameh - UN Arab ambassador for climate change - were all present at the event to sign the wall and convey a clear message: “We can still get a Fair, Ambitious, and Binding agreement in Copenhagen”.
“We are mobilizing today simultaneously with millions from around the world for world leaders to hear that the future of the planet is not negotiable, and we ask them to take a historic and courageous stand that will save us from doom”, said Dima Kharbotli, environmental expert in IndyACT. She added, “Sadly, current progress is very slow, which jeopardizes reaching what we need to save the planet.” 
According to UN secretariat Ban Ki Mon, climate change is the biggest threat to life on earth, and we have less than ten years to avoid its adverse and catastrophic effects. Copenhagen summit is considered human’s last chance to save humanity from catastrophic economic, political, social, and environmental consequences. 
Kharbotli ended, “Next week, Prime Minister Harriri will be in Copenhagen, and we expect him to be a true leader and inspire presidents of the world for fast action against climate change.”
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Pictures of this event will be available at: http://indyact.blogspot.com 
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