IndyYouth seeks to gather inspiring youth and provide them with skills and resources to do high profile advocacy campaigns to achieve change, whether it is social, environmental or cultural. We recruit youth generations, one after the other, where these individuals would do anything they can to stand up for their rights. The youth we are targeting for this project are youth under 18 years of age. 
We are not seeking any youth here; We want motivated, charismatic and strong youth who can be inspiring enough to let their friends, class mates and community as a whole want to follow in their footsteps. They will fight for their right-based causes and the need for change and with the passion they have, nothing will stop them. By joining IndyYouth, those people would have taken a pledge to work on the infinite problems around them with all the capacities they have. They will refuse to be passive and complacent amidst all the chaos and they shall initiate an unprecedented revolution of environmental, social and cultural campaigns. 
Short and simple, IndyYouth believe that grownups have so far failed in their responsibility of having a safe and healthy planet for future generation and so, it is time for the future generations to take matters in their own hands. 
We have recruited our first generation of IndyYouthers and formed our first League of Independent Youth in 2008. The first IndyYouth training academy took place for 5 full and extensive days in summer and included sessions on:
Environmental and Social Activism/ Zero Waste/ What is Feminism/ Campaign Planning/ Communicating with Stakeholders and Talking to Media/ Workshop planning and Press Conference organizing/ Workshop on video-editing
The 4 youth groups are working on several issues now. To name a few:
Street performances/ Promoting fabric bags/ Zero waste/ People Against Plastic/ Climate change/ Building a public park to serve as a cultural space in a village in the South
Should you like to join forces with these young activists, emails us at
Akhdar… Azrak 
Want to know about the most pressing environmental problems in Lebanon and the Region, what the different actors are doing about them, and what you can do yourself? 
Watch IndyACT’s weekly half-an-hour reality environmental show, ‘Akhdar… Azrak’, on Future News Satellite TV, every Tuesday at 7:30pm. 
Learn directly from our veteran environmental activist and ‘Akhdar… Azrak’ host, Wael Hmaidan, who has more than ten years experience in environmental activism in the Arab World.
Every week Wael highlights a different environmental issue in a direct and hands-on approach. See environmental activism in action, and find out how you are linked to everything around you in ways you have never thought of before. Follow us on the ground while we expose threats, conduct research, generate awareness and follow up on environmental developments in the region. 
You can even watch previous episodes by clicking here.

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