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IndyAct provides opportunities for artists, musicians and writers to create new work and share it with their audiences. IndyACT is currently proud to be cooperating with Lens on Lebanon as cultural partner.
Lens On lebanon is an international grassroots documentary initiative formed during the Israeli bombardment of 2006, at the same time when IndyACT was conceived. The documentary material, photo-narratives, and video diaries of daily life gathered here have been conceived, produced, and contributed by residents of Lebanon from all walks of life.
Both the conflict and the reconstruction effort have made visible the deep sectarian tensions that fracture Lebanese society, and which continue to isolate the south from much of the rest of the country. The vulnerability experienced by communities in this region is linked in crucial ways to the perception that they are marginalized and misrepresented in local and international media. Lebanon’s nascent blogging culture was galvanized by the war, opening up a novel space for civil resistance, solidarity, and dialogue, yet ironically one which occluded the very part of the country most affected. Lebanese and international perceptions of the conflict have been quietly shaped by the fact that the very infrastructure of cultural production is located in Beirut. seeks to promote the cultural enfranchisement of these communities through innovative visual storytelling techniques that give agency and voice to those directly affected. By delivering digital cameras and mini digital video recorders into the hands not of outside professionals but of local people, Lens On Lebanon has sought to bring sustained attention not only to specific crises, such as the unexploded munitions left by cluster bombing, but also to the more mundane realities of daily survival. Through Lens On Lebanon’s workshops, mobile exhibits and community website, participants are encouraged to represent their experiences on their own terms and to engage in dialogue across sectarian and cultural divides. For more information about Lens On Lebanon please visit: 

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