Zero Waste Campaign

Zero Waste Campaign
"Waste is a human invention. Nature makes no waste."
Every day in our daily life we produce chemicals, waste and other toxic material that pollute our air, water and soil. We measure progress and development on how much we consume material and how quickly we can convert resources to waste! We take resources, through production, and from production through consumption and the end result of course is a great big pile of waste.
If we keep on doing it, we will eventually run out of cheap resources and at the same time destroy our entire environment. The Zero Waste approach says; instead of asking "what should we do with our waste?" we should ask "how can we stop producing waste?" Zero Waste focuses attention onto the whole lifecycle of products. It deals with the disease (the way we handle material) rather than we the symptom (the waste we produce).
If we can't reuse it, recycle it or compost it, then we shouldn't be making the product. IndyAct is a member of GAIA - the Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives, which is leading the work on "Zero Waste". IndyAct is also coordinating GAIA's work in the Arab World. 
For more resources on Zero Waste visit GAIA website:
Zero Waste campaign statement
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