Civil Society-Parliament Liaison Unit in Lebanon

Civil Society-Parliament Liaison Unit in Lebanon
Funded by UNDEF, “Creating a Civil Society-Parliament Liaison Unit in Lebanon” a project aims at improving the role of civil society organizations in the legislative process in Lebanon through the establishment of The National civil society parliament liaison unit (NCSP unit). The NCSP unit aims at empowering and strengthening the communication between MPs and the local CSOs while improving their skills in advocacy. 
The NCSP unit aims at supporting the CSOs in thriving for their legislative requests from the parliament while assisting them in reaching out for the policy change they are advocating for. The NCSP is dedicated to sustaining the member CSOs in developing their campaigns, producing a monthly newsletter that communicates the legislative demands of Lebanese CSOs to their deputies, empowering their skills in advocacy tips and tools, while increasing the exposure of the MPs and developing their knowledge about the local CSOs legislative and policy needs 
The project is an important pillar in setting the base of an inclusive civil society engagement process able to create a consolidated civil society network supporting common causes for the benefit of a more democratic, fair and just society. Civil society will have a stronger impact on democratic process through this project while the parliament will get more informed to the people needs and requests.

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