IndyACT Launches The Civil Center for Strategic Media Training in Lebanon

IndyACT Launches The Civil Center for Strategic Media Training in Lebanon
Thursday, May 9 - IndyACT launched today the Civil Center for Strategic Media Training in Lebanon in the presence of a number of media experts and associations / civil organizations and activists.
The aim of this center, which was initiated by INDYACT, is to train and develop the capability of the civil society’s organizations on the use of media, social media, and advocacy strategies through media to pursue proposed projects in a more effective way. This center will also be training a group of activists in all Lebanese regions by providing professional trainings and technical tools used for the first time in Lebanon and its region.
This center is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Promoting Active Citizen Engagement program (PACE).
Ali Fakhry, the Media Campaigner and expert in Strategic Advocacy at INDYACT's team stated: "this center is a new idea that aims to help civil society deliver its messages effectively to the media. Consequently, media will in turn deliver these messages to millions of citizens in Lebanon and the Arab world."
"We can't overlook the importance of social media and traditional media in decision-making and advocacy. One article, one image accompanied by a civil organized movement can change reality. And this is exactly what we experienced in our recent civil activities. This is why civil society organizations should develop their capacity in cooperation and communication. They should also use media as a basic tool and not as a complement to propaganda" adds Fakhry.
It was also announced that through this project the first activists mobile phones’ application and news site in Lebanon was launched. This will in turn help in delivering the civil associations’ and activists’ voices, calls and demands / to legislators, decision makers, traditional media and its audience.
" When my friends at the center asked me to work with them on developing the idea they support, I thought immediately about the qualitative and quantitative development that the media in the world has witnessed. In the past, news could fill up until one page of the newspaper, a semi television bulletin or a whole radio show.Nowadays we talk about a specified number of characters ;a very small number that should deliver the message to followers who will be able to take a stand about the changes. So this is the micro world, the thumbnails we are talking about. My concern is to continue building this project with my friends. We have to succeed in transmitting this event and being part of it in any kind of way. This partnership will allow me to accomplish my mission according to international standards, that allow the organization of the few lines that hold ideologies" announced the journalist Khodor Salameh.
The ceremony included a detailed explanation about the role of the training center, the site and the techniques used for the first time in Lebanon by specialized journalists and application developers.
For more information:
Ali Fakhry
Media Campaigner – IndyACT
Phone: 76873203

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